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BGCAA Day Camp

Thank you for your interest in Day Camp at Home Club. Club Camp will be open from 7am – 5pm with breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided. Camp registration is $50/youth. A receipt of payment will be sent to the email address on file along with instructions on how to register your child for Club. Please fill out a separate registration form per child. Also please note that masks are required for all Club youth, staff, and visitors. Registration will close on 2/25/22.

Gracias por su interés en el Campamento de Dia en Home Club. El Campamento estará abierto de 7am – 5pm. La inscripción al campamento cuesta $50 por joven. Se enviará un recibo de pago a la dirección de correo electrónico registrada junto con instrucciones sobre cómo registrar a su hijo en el Club. Por favor complete un formulario de registro por separado para cada niño. También tenga en cuenta que se requieren máscaras para todos los jóvenes, personal y visitantes del Club. Se proporcionará desayuno, almuerzo y merienda. La inscripción se cerrará el 2/25/22. BGCAA solo acepta estudiantes de 6-18 años de edad.


 7:00am – 5:00pm | Home Club on the Sheth Family Campus
Open to ages 6 – 18

For any assistance, please call Home Club at 512-640-6998

How to Register

1. Please complete the membership payment to receive a confirmation email.

2. Follow the link provided in the confirmation email to submit the online membership form.

BGCAA is implementing the following health and safety measures:

• Hourly wipe downs in every workstation
• Temperature checks 3x each day
• Club deep cleaned 2x a day
• Hand washing every 45 minutes
• Adhere to a social distancing of 6 feet

Any child showing signs of illness  will be separated from the program and families will be called for pick up.

We are always looking for partners to champion the mission of BGCAA and be ambassadors for the kids in Austin that would otherwise be left behind.

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