Good Character & Citizenship

We believe that developing America’s next generation of world changers starts today.

Our country’s future depends on responsible, engaged citizens and innovative, resilient leaders. Helping youth acquire the skills needed to participate in the democratic process is the main thrust of our programs. Through our programming, Club members develop leadership skills, contribute to the Clubs and their community, and improve decision-making and planning skills, all while celebrating our national heritage.

Due to the effects of social isolation, crime, violence and drugs, kids living in areas of concentrated poverty perform worse than their peers living in more affluent areas. Of the estimated 251,189 children in Travis County, 45,214 (18%) are living at or below the federal poverty line, which is $10,830 for an individual and $22,050 for a family of four.

In Austin and Travis County, it’s clear that an annual income of $22,050 for a household of four is nowhere near sufficient for parents to provide the same opportunities to their children as those families living above the poverty line. As a result, and as they grow older, these kids are often left behind due to their lack of access to enrichment activities during after school hours and in the summer.

Moreover, kids living in poverty are associated with poorer health, higher rates of learning disabilities, lower literacy and math performance, and higher likelihood of dropping out of high school. Nationally, 62% of Club alumni said they became more committed to their education, 80% reported the Club had a positive impact on their health and fitness, and 84% said the Club helped improved their overall outlook or attitude.