Youth Arts Initiative

Youth Arts Initiative

Sponsored by The Wallace Foundation, BGCAA’s Youth Arts Initiative (YAI) is a premier art program that encourages Club members to explore different forms of digital media. From photography and animation, to audio recording and digital illustration, Club youth are empowered to grow their skill sets and gain confidence in their art. YAI addresses the need for high-quality art education in public schools through a tiered mentorship system and propels young artists toward a succesful career in the field. 

2021 Culminating Art Event

Every year, YAI Club members showcase their art in a culminative art exhibit as part of their participation in the program. This year, we are showcasing their work digitally on the gallery below due to COVID-19 interruptions. We hope you enjoy the show!

2021 Gallery

We are always looking for partners to champion the mission of BGCAA and be ambassadors for the kids in Austin that would otherwise be left behind.

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