Academic Success

Our academic programming develops skills, habits, confidence, and a love of learning in a safe, supportive environment. Every young person who walks through our doors is met by skilled and caring Staff mentors who provide the guidance and encouragement they need to succeed and graduate from high school with a plan for the future.

Key Programs

Power Hour

Every Monday through Thursday, we set aside an hour dedicated to completing homework, with trained Staff ready to support and encourage kids to be ready for school the next day.


Each Club has a library with popular books color-coded by reading level. In Book Club, members choose a book to read as a group and complete a variety of reading comprehension activities, including creating art related to the book, escape rooms themed around the book, and making their own version of the story.

High Impact Tutoring

We level up our tutoring with Amplify, an evidence-based tutoring program that partners with teachers and other skilled professionals in accordance with the Texas Education Agency’s requirements for High Impact Tutoring.

Summer Learning Loss Prevention

Clubs are open to members for 11 weeks during summer. During this time members participate in STEM, Math, and Arts activities each day to reduce the impact of Summer Learning Loss.