Family Engagement

Our kids can’t reach their full potential if their families can’t meet basic needs. So, we offer opportunities and support that provide our families with stability and security both inside and outside the Club

Key Programs

Family Events

Clubs host monthly family events that promote our Club experience and get families to see what types of programs we offer. We also put on larger quarterly events in collaboration with partners in the community. These quarterly events, such as Back-to-School Bash and Thrive Fest, provide opportunities for families to connect to many resources they never even know existed.

Direct Family Support

Providing support to our families is an important part of creating stable and secure home environment for our Kids. We respond to a variety of requests to help families meet their basic needs, this includes rent, utility or food support. This program highlights the importance of the relationship between Club staff and families

Connections with Resource Providers

    For longer-term support, we seek to connect families with organizations that specialize in providing rent, utility, and food support. Our partnership with these organizations allows us to efficiently connect people in need and provide application support if needed.