Mental Health

We use evidence-based social-emotional learning (SEL) programs that teach age-appropriate skills including Identifying Emotions, Coping Skills, Healthy Boundaries, and Healthy Relationships Skills. We work through a trauma-informed approach, which means we want our members to feel supported and understood and to feel like they can be themselves, so we foster meaningful relationships. We approach members with empathy, and respect, and provide everyone opportunity, regardless of their background, to develop new skills. We encourage our members to make their own choices and decisions and work collaboratively to solve problems and create a positive environment.

Key Programs

Social Emotional Skill Development

Our SEL curriculum includes lessons from Boys & Girls Club’s SMART Moves: Emotional Wellness. Members explore their emotions and different coping mechanisms when they experience strong emotions so they can develop their own coping plan and get to decide what works best for them.

Healthy Relationships

This program includes lessons from Boys & Girls Club’s SMART Moves: Healthy Relationships. Members explore how to develop and maintain healthy relationships including how to be a good friend, managing conflict, and understanding consent.

Positive Self-identify and Belonging

Through the SEL curriculum and the trauma-informed environment, we foster a culture that allows members to express themselves and feel accepted. We will actively practice an inclusive environment.