Academic Success

We believe that every child should graduate high school on time, college or career-ready with the skills needed to succeed in today’s globally competitive workforce.

Clubs partner with youth, parents, schools and other community stakeholders to implement three approaches:

  • academic enrichment and school engagement
  • targeted dropout prevention
  • intensive intervention and case management

The average high school dropout rate in America is 33%. For Latino and African American males, that rate is closer to 50%. In Travis County, almost 33% of all public high school students–and nearly 50% of African-American, Hispanic, and Native American students–fail to graduate from public high school with their class. Graduation rates for Caucasians and Asians, however, hover around 75-77%, respectively, with about one-quarter of these students failing to graduate on time.

In-depth research conducted over a 10-year period by the Harvard Family Research Project suggests that sustained participation in well-structured programs and activities often provided by out-of-school time nonprofits, help youth attain the knowledge and array of skills necessary for success in the 21st century. However, only 30% of school-aged children in Travis County have access to out of school programs.

Furthermore, research indicates youth participating in quality after school programs have better academic performance, behavior and school attendance and greater expectations for the future. In one study, BGCAA youth had substantially higher grade point averages in various subjects and a 15% higher overall GPA compares to their peers from Austin Independent School District. They also had 87% fewer absences and showed an 81% increase in homework completion. Finally, 90% of BGCAA alumni graduate from high school and 26% are likely to earn a college degree, the same as the U.S. general population.