Youth of the Year

Youth of the Year

Youth of the Year is a scholarship competition facilitated by Boys & Girls Clubs of America that offers members the opportunity to win thousands of dollars for their futures in college and careers at a local, state, regional, and national level. Out of thousands of members at our 15 teen-serving clubs in the Austin Area, 6 members have been selected to apply and compete to be this year’s 2022 Jr. Youth of the Year and Youth of the Year at BGCAA.

Congratulations to our 2022 Youth of the Year, Alberto!

At only 15-years-old, Alberto is already ahead of the game. He’s proudly representing Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area as our Youth of the Year. Alberto exemplifies what it means to be a role model. Ms. Ashley, the Program Manager at his Club, can count on him for anything! From taking out the trash to helping the younger Club kids with their homework, Alberto maintains his great attitude and determination.  

Alberto has plans of being a baker and is excited to pursue a degree in the culinary arts. With his scholarship earnings, he will be able to attend his college of choice with 2 years paid in full. With determination like this, Alberto is well on his way to Great Futures. 

When asking him about the most challenging part of this whole experience Alberto had this to say, “It’s been hard talking about myself and my accomplishments. I feel like I don’t remember all of the things I’ve, well, accomplished. This has made me remember to celebrate myself.” 

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February 2022

Home Club on the Sheth Family Campus

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