Destination Greatness: A 24-Hour Drive for Great Futures!

Mar 19, 2021 | Club Updates

Destination Greatness: A 24-Hour Drive for Bright Futures! 

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area is fortunate to be present for the many milestones our youth achieve while attending the Club. We believe accomplishments both big and small deserve to be celebrated. Whether a student masters the art of coloring within the lines, a teen completes our Rode Code Driver’s Ed program, or a senior earns their diploma, recognizing these successes empowers youth to continue their path to greatness and reach their full potential.  

Follow the Journey to Destination Greatness

Over the next few weeks, we will highlight some of the stories of outstanding Club Members who have overcome obstacles, tirelessly pursued goals, and dedicated their young lives to excellence. Follow along as our Club Members reach their Destination Greatness

Joshua – President of BGC Torch Club

Joshua, President of Boys & Girls Club Torch Club and Candidate for the 2020 Jr. Youth of the Year, shared with us why being a Club Kid is important to him and how it has helped him shape his journey as a young leader. Described by his Club Director Mr. Will as ‘a natural leader’, Joshua is the perfect example of #Greatness in the making
“At the Club, I lead Torch Club meetings and ice breakers which involve all my peers to participate. Our counselors and Club leaders always make us feel comfortable and safe” – Joshua

Desmand – YAI Participant

Meet Desmand, Jr. YOY candidate and YAI enthusiast. Desmand is a natural in the digital arts world and a leader of Torch Club fundraising who believes in taking on new challenges to reach his Destination Greatness! 

“Participating in YAI and learning about filming, editing, and production, made me more aware of what I want to do in the future as a career.”
Jayden – Jr. Youth of the Year Candidate

Jayden is a proud BGC Chalmers Club member who finds at the Club the support, mentorship, and motivation he needs to excel in his academics. Jayden knows his schoolwork is an important milestone for realizing his long-term career goal, to become the next NBA superstar. “Club helped me take accountability in my schoolwork and communicate with my teachers to stay on track with my grades.”

Teryn – Junior Youth of the Year Candidate 

 Meet Teryn! An aspiring veterinarian and proud Jr. YOY candidate who lives by the following words – “Don’t Give Up.” Teryn takes on challenges with a can-do attitude and believes that when you trust yourself, anything is possible! “Participating in Youth of the Year showed me that anything is possible and it helped me boost my confidence.” 


Mark your Calendar for Destination Greatness!

Destination Greatness is a 24-hr community give-a-thon for Bright Futures happening on March 24th LIVE on our social media platforms. Join us and hear from local artists, community supporters, frontline workers, and Club Kids how BGCAA supports and empowers the leaders of tomorrow! Learn more at