Club Senior Celebration PHOTOS

May 21, 2020 | Club Updates, For the Kids

Club Senior Photos! 

Hey Club Seniors!

Thank you for joining us on Saturday at our Club Senior Celebration! You are now officially a Club Alumni, and hopefully an ambassador of our Clubs to other youth. We couldn’t be more proud and we can’t wait to see what your #GreatFuture brings. Find the

Senior photos here and once again, congratulations on this accomplishment, we are #BGCAAProud!

Our Resilient Club Seniors are Graduating

If one thing can be said about our graduating class of 2020 is that they are resilient. They have endured months of uncertainty surrounding their senior year and are graduating amidst the greatest pandemic of our time.

They have worked hard to achieve this milestone, and sacrificed many memorable events, from Prom Night to Grad Week to graduation parties. Despite the challenges brought on to our Club Seniors, resiliency reigns as they get ready to graduate and embark on their journey towards Great Futures.

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