AMD helps bring opportunity and hope to our Club Kids one laptop at a time

Jul 30, 2021 | Community Involvement

AMD donated over 300 desktops and laptops to Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area members

Sometimes an item that might seem trivial for the regular person is a life-changing tool for someone else. Such is the case for Club member Ocean and his family who received a laptop as part of a generous donation from AMD this past month. Ocean like any other kid his age loves gaming and watching PBS Kids.The lack of access to a computer to call his own has limited not only these leisure activities for him but has also hinder his performance in school throughout the pandemic.

For Ocean and his family, this year has been a tough one. Not only struggling with lack of technology and resources during virtual learning but also facing new family dynamics after losing his father to cancer over the summer. With mom working multiple jobs to sustain her family, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area has been crucial in providing a safe space for Ocean and his siblings during out-of-school time. They find some normality behind Club doors and the resources they need such as access to Wi-Fi, homework support, and consistency in an ever-changing world for their family.

Although Ocean was able to borrow a computer during the academic year, as the school year came to an end, so did the access to continue his learning through the summer. This donation helps Ocean continue learning during the summer break, provides an essential tool for his mother to look for employment and pay house bills electronically, and brings a small bit of joy to a resilient Club Kid. Thank you AMD for bringing joy to the youth who need us most!

What is the first first thing you’re going to do on your computer when you get home? “Download PBS Kids and play games!” – Ocean Y., 9 years old, BGC at Booker T. Washington 



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