Club Kid & Artist Takes Her Corporate Platform

Dec 19, 2018 | Past Stories

Is there anything better than when a kid discovers (and has an opportunity to pursue) their passion with support from those around them? We have the great fortune of witnessing many Club kids as they are encouraged to discover their passions and learn ways to pursue them.

Recently, one Club kid’s artistic talent was featured during our annual Art of Giving Gala. Her live onsite art demonstration caught the eyes of many, and one organization in particular. Following the Gala, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area (BGCAA) corporate partner American Constructors approached us about inviting Rose to design their company holiday card—an invitation also accompanied by a kind reward for the artist’s work.

Not one to turn down a chance at exercising her artistic prowess, Rose, who is a Club member in the 4th grade at Wooldridge Elementary School, gladly accepted the invitation and got to work on her designs. When all was said and done, she presented several options. One of her drawings graced the cover of the American Constructors holiday newsletter (see below).

We love nothing more than the thrill of knowing that our Club members are doing something that’s meaningful to them. We sincerely appreciate the interest and support from corporate and individual community partners and volunteers.

ALL of our partners support Club kids in different ways, which is why each and every relationship is so valuable as a collective resource for our members. You never know when a simple opportunity might lead to an even greater chance for youth to set their sights on a path to their Great Future. For all that our partners do, we THANK YOU!